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Diviner's Sage

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May. 3rd, 2008 | 01:33 pm

the blind men staring at the walls
hold their secrets under their tongue
hearing a breathless nature's calls
propelling the songs it's sung
although their words remain puzzled,
a confused ape psyche shatters
in mind, tamed and muzzled
breaking free is all that matters
he leaps and flails, to no avail
this realm is not built for the frail

bejeweled starlit creatures hum
clouded in codes of a secret glyph
while layman, who listen to the dumb
dismiss it as merely a myth
but prophets will speak for generations
where angels and gods reside
and also of the penetrations
men can make to view inside
yet for eons priests will persist
in saying such places do not exist

where space has vanished, time does freeze
and laughter is heard in the distance
from hidden, formless entities
who banish all resistance
to the underlying fingerprints
of an unknowable creation
where all around you lies the hints
to the path of pure elation
where soul and body are no more
and ego dissolves right at the core

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